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A Little History About Dave:

Big Dave's Sharpening operates primarily as a mobile sharpening service based out of Mountain View, Arkansas. My specialty is sharpening A5 clipper blades, beauty shears, grooming shears, most scissors, and most knives.

Thirty years ago the company I worked for changed owners and showed me the door. I had a family of six to support and no way to do it. After about three months into collecting unemployment I was introduced to the sharpening business by a local acquaintance who was making a small income sharpening scissors.

The appeal to me was the immediate payment for services rendered. If I were to sharpen self employed, instead of getting a job, there would be no more waiting for pay day. No more working by the hour. I would be working directly for each and every individual customer. I wanted this way of life.

The company provided a training tape with the scissor sharpening equipment. I cut off a section of an old end table, bolted the machine to it and started carrying my new business into beauty shops.

My dream began to become a reality as ,one by one, I was able to find stylists who were willing to take a chance on me and let me sharpen their equipment. It was slow to start, but there was never a single day that I didn't at least make some kind of money. This was a positive change in my life after having a history of successful, and unsuccessful sales experiences, where sometimes you could go a week with no money at all!

As it turns out I have an eye and a feel for sharpening, and have been a sharpener ever since. Shortly after that I picked up a vintage clipper sharpening unit as well so that I could begin offering clipper blade sharpening.

Now here I am 30 years later and I'm still sharpening and keeping a solid clientele simply by satisfying the needs of the stylists and groomers that I sharpen for.

My business has been built by sharpening on location for shops within a 150 mile radius from my home, by face to face contact and referrals. However, I'm now expanding into the internet world and experimenting with a website to not only provide a mobile sharpening service, but to begin offering a mail in sharpening service also.

One of the things that I pride myself on is knowing my customers. I prefer speaking with every client, even if it is just for the first few initial visits. I have clients that I have been sharpening for, for years and a text is all that is needed. I prefer knowing who my clients are and making myself available to be known by them. I get to have a connection with people because of what I do, and I am so grateful for this business opportunity.

I look forward to every single satisfied customer, so don't hesitate to get in touch with me, which is much easier now that I am venturing into the online world.

We'll chat soon. :)

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Dave Strout

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